Warranty / Guarantee

All instruments must be checked, washed and sterilized before surgery.

Central Line: Instruments starting from 8 digit eg. 81000 and so on. (Good for six autoclave)

All other Surgical/Veterinary/Equine/Dental/Noble are lifetime guaranteed and a maximum 3 years from date of purchase.

All TC tips are guaranteed for three years. After that Medco will replace TC tips at a reasonable cost to customers.

Improper use or abuse will void lifetime guarantee.

Normal wear and tear are not covered under Warranty/Guarantee.

Medco Instruments are carefully produced by skilled craftsmen and are fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

All defective instruments will be either repaired or replaced at Medco’s discretion.

Medco Instruments are representative of higher integrity, best quality, sensible and affordable pricing, reliable and friendly service.

Our reputation is on the line and we are “Always in Your Hands”. Please give us a try and you will find us your right choice.