Stoma Micro Screw Kit

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Stoma Micro Oral Surgery of Cortical Bone Augmentation. (Micro Screw Kit. Dr. F. Khoury)Micro Screws: 1.00mm Diameter - in pack of (3) alike 6mm, 8mm & 10mm lengths (total 9 screws) Drills: 0.8mm & 1.0mm

Drivers: Basic Standard, Claw Grip

P.S. Micro Screw Driver with Claw Grip is designed to hold 1mm diameter micro screws securely in placement and fixation during surgical process.

Additional Optional Micro Screws: 1mm & 1.2mm diameter are available (3 alike per bag) 4mm,6mm,10mm,12mm &14mm Micro Screws are beneficial during Lateral, Horizontal & 3D Augmentation via Tunnel Technique.

( Dr. A. Sculean, Dr. G. Zucchelli) Advanced Oral Surgery Kits are also available. Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Osteo, Implant Plastic Esthetic. Tunneling, Augmentation General. Please browse Stoma Catalog pages: (23,31,32,35,41,44,46,65 & 75) .

Stoma Dental Instruments and Kits are Exclusively available in USA from Medco Instruments

Stoma Kits can not be returned unless product is defective that can be replaced.

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