Dr. Karl Koerner Oral Surgery/Wisdom Tooth Extraction Kit

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Dr. Karl Koerner Oral Surgery Kit - set with Sterile Cassette

MH1 Scalpel # 3 Round Handle Gold Plated
MH2 Seldin Retractor # P23 Double-Ended (DE) Gold Plated
MH3 Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator (DE) Gold Plated
MH4 Crilewood Needle Holder 6" TC Gold Plated
MH5 Lower Extraction Forceps MODIFIED # 151 Gold Plated
MH6 Upper Extraction Forceps MODIFIED # 150 Gold Plated
MH7 Elevator 3 mm w/serr. Jaws Gold Handles w/thumb
MH8 Kelly Scissors Cvd. 6.5" TC Blades One Blade Serr. Gold Handles
MH9 Root Tip elevator Left Gold Plated
MH10 Root Tip elevator Right Gold Plated
MH11 Lucas Curette (DE) Size # 86 Gold Plated
MH12 Root Tip Elevator Bernard
MH14 Special Elevator COGSWELL Fine Round Probe like Tip Gold Plated
MH15 Baby Cryer Elevator Left Gold Plated
MH16 Baby Cryer Elevator Right Gold Plated
MH17 Luxating Elevator 3 mm Plain Jaws Thin Side Walls Gold Plated
MH18 Bone File Criss Cross Serr & very Sharp both File Blades Gold Plated
MH19 Blumental Rongeur Gold Handles Fine Serr. Jaws 35 degrees angle
MH20 Syringe with Harpoons Gold Handle
MH21 Adson Brown Forceps Gold Handle
MH23 Kelly Hemostat Forceps 5'' Curved Gold Plated
MH24 Minnesota Retractor 7" Gold Plated
MH25 Metal Case

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