Dr. Karl Koerner Oral Surgery Kit

21 pc set with Sterile Cassette includes

Anesthetic Oral Syringe
Adson Tissue Forceps TC Carbide Jaws
Periotome Posterior/Anterior Serrated Blades
Bone File TC Carbide Blades D.E.
Bone Curette D.E. Round Handle
Seldin Oral Flap Retractor
Minnesota Oral Cheek Retractor
Needle Holder TC Carbide Jaws Firm Grip
Periosteal Elevator with Perf Blade
Cryer Elevator East/Left Fine Baby Blade
Cryer Elevator West/Right Fine Blade Blade
Crane Pick Elevator
Root Tip Elevator Left Mesial Fine Blade
Root Tip Elevator Str Anterior Fine Blade
Root Tip Elevator Right Distal Fine Blade
Elevator 3MM Serrated #301
Elevator 2MM Serrated Str
Kelly Forceps CVD 5.5″
Kelly Scissors Tissue and Suture TC Carbide Serrated Blade
Scapel Handle #3 (Fits Blade 10, 11, 12, 15 & 15C)
Sterile Case with Silicone Mat